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Philips SHP9500/00 Headphone Black

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the debate rages on whether this is my brain becoming acclimated to the sound, or if burn-in is a real thing. Has a nice amount of texture and presence. I can’t find much fault with it to be honest, for I, as mentioned, haven’t heard better as of yet. I can tell you this however, if you are coming from commercial headphones, looking for entry point, unless you were deep in that Skullcandy Crusher life style, you will most likely be satisfied -with the caveat that is the treble-. This pair certainly favors fidelity and conciseness over amount and commanding presence. This is the word what makes it significantly distinguished than other pairs. It offers an amazing separation. you can feel the lead guitars, vocal, bass and drums are sounding separately. The earpads pop right off on both models, it just takes a lot of force, you won't break anything, its just a weird design. The HM5 leather or Shure 1540 Alcantara earpad wrap all the way around the headphone, and it stretches perfect, and I found that rotating the hM5 leathers 20-30 degrees so they are like elf ear shaped when they come down on your head increased soundstage a smidge. Because the takes longer to travel or something, no idea. HD7's bass is less in amount but tight and ready to smash with force. thats why it shines in bass department. OTOH SHP blows it away with its majestic clarity of mid and highs. and SHP is more comfortable too.

The good news is that the SHP9600 uses 50mm Neodymium dynamic drivers and carries a 32-ohm impedance making them acceptable to use with both headphones and laptops. You’ll still want to power these with high-end AV equipment if you have it, but the low impedance makes it possible for pretty much everyone to use these with their current setup. The treble is a little more grainy and unrefined compared to both the Sennheiser HD 650 and Audeze LCD-2. Treble is more present than the LCD-2 and maybe about the same level as the HD 650. They provide sparkle when needed, but not nearly as elegantly as the HD 650 do. The treble is a little more blunt with a hint of metallic aftertaste. If I didn't have the LCD-2 or HD 650 within an arm's reach for comparison, I'd have no idea that the treble had any limitations. I wouldn't call their treble flawed. It's just a different rendering indicative of their price point. I found no hot spots or issues with sibilance. They aren't the last word in treble, but they are pretty darn good in their own regard. Another point of contention.. For me It comes down to how long can I use it before it becomes necessary to take a break. With these, it has proven to to be more than 2-3 hours so far. The hot spot for me is my ear lobe that touches the inner filter because of the pad's shallowness. They also can become a bit hot, but really not that bad. Honestly, I tend to find in ear more tolerable to wear for a longer period. Then again, in ears touch very little of you relative to those big cans, so they have a better statistical chance of being forgotten about by the wearer… Responds relatively well to EQ, but may be received as bloat if you don’t necessarily like amount over fidelity. However if you like bass, and are uninitiated to higher-end bass, I think you will still be blown away, as my friend was during our listening. Otherwise, the Fidelio X2/HRs are most definitely a better budget choice for you, for bass-heads should be most careful with these headphones, as you will see in the treble section. Soundstage is quite average for an open headphone, so don’t expect AD700 or AKG levels of width and depth presentation. That is not one of the SHP9500’s strengths due to its small opening on the outer frame where the grill lies. Even so, the quality of imaging and instrument separation is there and very enjoyable for those who appreciate such features in a headphone's sound signature. For a gamer, like myself, I rely heavily on positioning and accuracy; which this headphone still manages to do very well. No complaints about soundstage, here, my friends.These remind me a lot of the old PX100s if those were more comfortable and neutral, and less forward/fatiguing. This is the part of the review that Zeos gets the most right in his video at the top of the article. The comfort of the SHP9500 is exceptionally good. The headband pad is nice and soft, and its suspension design should hug the contours of your head even if it’s weirdly-shaped or bumpy or you have hair in the way. The 9600 also comes with a more rugged-looking and feeling snap-on 1/4″ adapter, with a subtle but still noticeable “grip” towards the bottom.

The reason why this thing sounds so good is because we don’t have any noise compression characteristics and no noise cancellation built into the microphone capsule and for me that is a positive but let me know what you think in the comments. I am quite the novice in the headphone world, so I shall compare and contrast with only open headphones I have owned; no speculation. Is the SHP9600 an upgrade over the 9500? Is the increase in price worth the investment? Did Philips actually improve on the shortcomings of the original?The original SHP9500 comes with a ten foot springy cord, and a cloth carrying bag. The newer SHP9500S comes with a 5 foot cord of decent quality, and no carrying bag. Deluxe breathable ear-pads improve breathability and dissipate pressure and heat for longer wearing comfort.

Then again I've never heard SHP9600 so this is all speculation. However I did own SHP9500 and I didn't like it for music (didn't try gaming). My "bar" was Denon D2000 and I thought it was better on everything. My friend with HD800 and HD650 also didn't like SHP9500 either (we each bought a pair at the same time). As for the headband, I am not very sensitive to this kind of thing, but I find this one to be fantastic with no obvious problems. I think it is fantastic honestly. The headband "pad" runs aalong the underside of the headband, but is only attached at either end, making it able to form fit to your head, but not make you look like an alien as audio-technica, AKG, Superlux, etc. Replacing those elements is a single gold ring around the grille, housing the same 50mm neodymium driver. Driven by data, run by a passionate team of engineers, testers, technical writers, developers, and more.More treble forward than the K7XX. I get the impression of more detail and precision, as well. Maybe that impresison will change when I get a proper amp. K7XX are a little smoother, and definitely have more bass presence. For solo instrument recordings, the K7XX have a slight edge, as well as stoner metal where you just need a strong midbass presence. However, the imaging on these, just make them more fun to listen to. The detachable 3.5mm cable has returned, but this time around it feels more solid and robust at the business end.

The treble sizzle and brightness that many snobs complained about have been fixed for the most part, as it no longer sounds overly essy or bitey in most instances. The accessories are not much to write home about. I have the current “S” version which is essentially the same exact headphone with a shorter cable, no travel bag, and no ¼ inch adapter. The cable, itself, is 5ft long and does its job. It is detachable and can be replaced with other 3.5mm ended cables, including the V-Moda BoomPro mic, resulting in my preferred choice for cost effective gaming headphones.

It doesn’t really make much of a difference in practice though as most mobile devices will power either of them just fine. With the 9500, there’s more air and clarity, but at the expense of a somewhat more fatiguing high-end and not as much meat on the bass. Impressions here are given from listening from an iPhone 6 and a Mac. I did try an headphone amp with these (actually, the headphone out from my 2008 Pioneer living room amp). I find the sound to be much more interesting from my iPhone and my Mac. The amp gave a distracting warmth to the sound, and it sounded much more static, less dynamic to my ear.

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